​​​​​​​2055: Day After Tomorrow
Year 2055. Our planet earth is turned into sand and rock. All vegetation and life has disappeared and a huge object, which apparently looks like a ship of unknown origin, has been buried in the middle of the desert landscape. The only living beings to date, a young explorer accompanied by his pet, a bird, are on their way to the "ship" to investigate it and try to discover if there is life beyond or other survivors of the same species. For days they had been chasing a huge balloon that was heading towards that huge ball of questionable origin in which you can see what looks like a construction of a new population. The world has become a dark and dull place... and something inside that "ship" generates a beam of light.

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2022 · Moscow, Rusia
From 470.5K photos submitted:
· TOP 4% "Conceptual" Photo
· TOP 5% "Conceptual" Photographer
· TOP 20 Madrid Photographers
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