Antwerp / Belgium
"Why Antwerp?" With its colorful history, inspiring art scene, delicious beer and chocolates, I don't see why not. Antwerp, a tiny yet charming port city in Belgium, has always been known as a haven for artists, designers, and art aficionados. Van Gogh, his contemporaries, and a long impressive list of other notable artists and fashion designers have been particularly drawn to this posh little city throughout the years. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp is the fourth oldest art academy in the world (after Rome, Paris and Florence), and considered as one of the most prestigious. Also, the grandness and magical allure of Antwerpen-Centraal station looks mesmerizing beyond words! Must see for me were also: Grote Markt, FOMU Photo Museum, Cathedral of Our Lady, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp and MAS Museum aan de Stroom.
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