Cult Of Luna
Live photography of Cult Of Luna during their show at Sala But in Madrid (EU Tour 2022). Swedish post-metal band from Umeå founded in 1998. Cult of Luna's sound has progressed from early material being heavily doom metal-influenced to one much less aggressive and more concerned with orchestration. Its songs are often long, slow, repetitive and crushing, heavy sections of distorted guitars often interspersed with orchestral interludes and extended, post-rock-esque forays. Band is under the roster of American record label Metal Blade Records.

· Johannes Persson (guitar, vocals: Cult of Luna, Final Light, Riwen, Khoma)
· Kristian Karlsson (keyboards, electronics, vocals: Cult of Luna, pg.lost, Soars)
· Christian Augustin (drums​​​​​​​: Cult of Luna, This Gift Is a Curse)
· Magnus Líndberg (percussion, guitar: Cult of Luna)
· Fredrik Kihlberg (guitar, vocals: Cult of Luna, Khoma)
· ​​​​​​​Andreas Johansson (bass: Cult of Luna, The Vicious)
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