German hairdressing and beauty salon based on the Canary Islands. Facial Care with high frequency or with lontoforese, relaxed and perfect manicures and pedicures, natural hair extensions and modern hair styling are the main offers, always with the use of good products of the best brands.
The client asked for a logo tending more to a modern yet classic design, the logo should integrate a work item and the owners name, Désireé. I was also asked for a single page website that should be completely responsive and only show the main information about the business in german, a very simple one as attractive as possible.
Inspired by the salon’s quality services and a warm comfortable atmosphere, I have created the brand identity with delicate typography and a little game between the clients wishes. It was important for the design of the brand to be suitable for both men and women, which is why careful attention was taken to keep the aesthetic balanced.
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