Cut-out Models
Multiple cut-out models, five of them with monochrome colors and a special edition with texture of feathers, making up the final aesthetic look. 

Evocative birds, which bring to mind feelings such as freedom, peace, lightness, sounds of nature, migration. These are not simple sheets of paper or some decorative objects, it is a little simple design to remind walks in the countryside, let your imagination flow and create with your own hands. The blue-green “turquoise“ as the main hue, which according to studies of the psychology of color (a branch of psychology often used by designers, architects, artists and photographers) is associated with a refreshing and soothing color that encourages us to start again with renewed energy and new ideas, helps us to be more communicative, sensitive and creative; reasons why it was chosen to reinforce the concept. The aim is to return to tradition, to older toys with more personality, to the DIY concept and getting away from the new technologies.
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