Helsinki / Finland
Visiting Helsinki in winter as a photographer means getting up very early, in case you want to take photos of the city during the day. Nights are 19 hours long, so you only have 5 hours of light left... actually optimal only 2-3, quite a challenge if you also find yourself with snowfall and wind. The COLD... minus 16 degree there was, the camera battery can fail you if you do not have a good one or protect it well. Even after a week, my hands were still dry from the cold wind that went straight through them after traveling with my camera in my hands constantly (without putting on the gloves because they bothered me when taking photos). I can really recommend wearing good layers when visiting Helsinki in winter and to bring warm shoes/boots and a good coat. Oh, and definitely don’t forget your scarf and hat, you really, really need them! Yes, Helsinki was Cold, but enough about that. This city also left me with a warm feeling and now I cannot wait to go back!

Project published in...
2023 - Conker Nature Magazine (United Kingdom)
2022 - Conker Nature Magazine (United Kingdom)
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