Insignificant Human Being
"The Earth does not belong to man, but man to Earth", these were some of the words that in 1854 an Indian Chief wrote in a letter to the one who was then President of the United States, a letter that is considered the first ecological manifesto of history. Despite being an axiom of vital importance, humanity, especially the man we consider to be the most civilized and the owner of the best and most advanced technology, has forgotten it, establishing himself as the owner and lord of everything created. We have turned the planet into a dumping ground for our own degradation. We do not share what we have left, we are destined to a gray world, where the blue sky will not be seen, where the stars will no longer shine because the stench that we give off will become a nauseating vapor that will not let us see beyond the stratosphere, without sun, where the moon will abandon us because it will no longer want to be our satellite. Man, who believes himself to be the crown of Creation, a selfish being, who has appropriated the Earth for it as if it were his own because he believes himself to be the owner of everything. The human being believes that the Kingdoms of nature are below him and representing only 0.01% of the terrestrial life, he has managed to annihilate a lot of it. We give ourselves too much importance when we should appreciate mother nature more: we depend on her and we owe ourselves to her.

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2023 - Trendy Art Ideas (International)

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2022 · Moscow, Rusia
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