The Invisible Wounds
Today we know that psychological violence can leave wounds as deep, or even greater, then physical violence. We usually associate psychological abuse with screams, verbal humiliations, threats and derisive teasing. However, there is a type of psychological violence that can do a lot of damage and usually goes unnoticed: emotional coldness or indifference.

The problem is that emotional coldness generates frustration due to the lack of response and involvement of the other. It can also make us feel confused and even guilty, and we will feel increasingly alone and misunderstood. The person who is systematically ignored and whose emotional needs are undervalued will plunge into the deep pit of depression. She will feel that she is not worthy of being loved or respected, so she will lose confidence and will be increasingly vulnerable to her abuser. Such relationships leave deep traces that even determine the subsequent relationships established by that person, destroying their ability to trust others and establish full relationships. Emotional coldness and indifference can end up emotionally disabling a person. 

Therefore, it is important that we keep in mind that emotional distancing is one of the cruelest forms of violence and psychological manipulation. Ignoring each other's needs is not the best way to resolve conflicts and shorten distances. Every relationship must be based on dialogue and mutual respect.

Self-portrait Project.

Project published in...
2023 - The Phoblographer (United States) - Interview HERE
2020 - Beauté Plus Magazine (Canada)​​​​​​​
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