Madrid / Spain & Storm Filomena
On Thursday afternoon, January 7, a historic snowfall began to conquer the center of the country of Spain in 2021. The storm Filomena has not only brought disaster (fallen trees on the road, trapped cars, broken signs, closed streets...), but has also left an unusual white print that, either on foot or on skis, the citizens of Madrid have immortalized. The snow has exceeded forecasts. The emergency services of the community and the Madrid City Council expected 30 centimeters of snow, but the amount has doubled and even tripled in some areas. In Madrid it is difficult for snow, due to its altitude and its orography, the necessary conditions do not exist. It has not snowed similar to this way in the capital for 50 years and it was the first time in history that the extreme risk warning was activated.

The climate change is real
2021 has come stomping. Along with the international situation, in a large part of the peninsula they have experienced situations typical of a film about collapse: cut roads, without means of transport, fallen trees and accumulation of garbage, supply cuts, deficit in the distribution of food, with destroyed crops and livestock deaths, damage to buildings, pollution...
And Filomena was just an aperitif. Extreme and unusual meteorological phenomena will thus become more and more frequent, and we will have a climate oscillating between extreme cold and extreme heat, drought and heavy rains or snowfalls. Climate change is this, when science began to give warning signs.

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