Östholmen / Finland
An unforgettable experience in a Hovercraft to a little Finnish island called Östholmen, where the only life on the island are vegetation and some little animals, away from all human presence. Located about 19 kilometers east of Helsinki, in the Gulf of Finland and in the municipality of Sipoo. 

Over breaking ice and snow, I left from Helsinki into the empty archipelago deep frozen. Once arrived at Östholmen, I toured every corner of the island. Wearing a survival suit I experienced how it feels floating among ice rafts staying warm and dry, totally comfortable and peaceful in the cold water. After about an hour of lounging on the Gulf, I was treated to a barbecue lunch on open fire, surrounded by a beautiful white landscape. A nice lunch with homemade Finnish soup and other regional delicacies. 

There are those who would call me reckless, others brave and some too adventurous... for taking part on this kind of organized excursion in which I was traveling and going alone with two unknown Finnish guides, of whom only one spoke some English to communicate with. Experiences in life that one can hardly forget!
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