The Ancient Sages
Wise men of bygone days are still present as ghosts of the past. Ancient sages who should teach and inspire their love and appreciation for every living being, absorbing the energy of nature in symbiosis with their animal spirit. Sometimes these sages are forgotten and other times they are undervalued, remaining only as sources of inspiration and wisdom for a few.

Project published in...
2023 - Trendy Art Ideas (International)
2022 - Top Posters Magazine *On the Cover* ​​​​​​​(International)
2021 - MARIKA Magazine (International)
2021 - MIFA 2021 Award Winners Catalogue (Russia)
2021 - Dark Art & Craft (USA)
2021 - Start In Art Magazine (International)
2021 - Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (Australia)
2021 - HUNTER Magazine (International)
2021 - HORRID Magazine (USA)
2021 - WHATever Magazine (France)
2020 - BEYONDall Magazine (International)

In contests...
Category: "Professional; Fine Art-Collage"

Selected by David Clarke (Head of Photography at Tate), Amy Salzman (Senior Art Producer Saatchi & Saatchi NY), Paris Chong (Gallery Manager and Curator at Leica Gallery LA) y Collier Brown (Photography Critic, Harvard University), judged between a total of 13,000 participants from 120 countries around the world.

MIFA 2021
Moscow International Photo Awards
· BRONZE Award
Category: "Professional; Fine Art-Collage"

6th "35 Awards" 2021
Annual International Photography Awards
From 444K photos submitted:
· TOP 10 Madrid Photographers
· TOP 35 Spain Photographers
· TOP 50 "Conceptual" Photo
· TOP 100 "Conceptual" Photographer

35 Awards - Thematic Photography Contest 
· TOP 1% Best Photos
· TOP 2% Best Photographers
Category: "Art Photography"
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