Vicarious Redemption​​​​​​​
An exploration of a most challenging and difficult area of visual art. Dark, eerie and silent world, mostly repressed, hidden inside. A world of obscurity, shades, loneliness, of infinite and perverse beauty, receding from the fumes of our actions. Submissive souls of a lacerated body in flesh and leather. Chains that bind, masks that prevent from seeing the darkest desires and the repressions languishing and chained to the surface. When our voices are silent and our screaming imprisoned spirits waiting to flee into the shadows of our bodies, silent witnesses to all that we have omitted the soul.

The erotic and its sub-sections and divisions of this massive subject have always found it a hard battle to be accepted and enjoyed as other aspects of the arts are. Of all the subjects that art can choose, it is the nearest to the truth of joys and pains, true selves and most precious inner thoughts. The erotic is beyond simple pornography or any kind of possible nudity, it feeds our mind and not our body through the sobriety, mystery, the occult and the murkiness.

Editorial for 2BEMAG MAGAZINE
Photo, Post Production & Concept: Jaqueline Vanek
Model: Marta (Spain)
Hair/Make Up: Sara Nieto
Stylist: Jaqueline Vanek
Accessories by Lebanese creative designer Assaad Awad (Clients: Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mugler, Balenciaga, etc)
All dresses by Bulgarian designer Dragomir Krasimirov
Special thanks goes to the showrooms Qüin & Tormenta de Ideas
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