“I believe that an iconic photograph is an opportunity for constant inspiration, learning and discovery. The beauty of darkness within my images is the language I make use uf to help foster a deeper understanding of an inner world.”
Jaqueline Vanek.

Jaqueline Vanek (Austria, 1984), is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, Portraitist, Visual Artist & Senior Visual UI/UX Designer, currently living in Madrid, Spain. In her personal work she uses the instruments of darkness, surrealism and photography to talk about her deepest feelings; emotions, states of mind, mind shifts and more. She started her photographic artist journey back in 2005, after her studies in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. Having experimented with many different styles and types of photography, Jaqueline managed to find herself in the conceptual and fine art realm. Since the start of her journey her photography has been exhibited in the United States, Austria and Spain, and can be found featured inside and on covers of a huge amount of magazines from all around the world, as well on book covers published in Europe, United States and Asia.

Jaqueline’s photography is heavily influenced by classical fine art and surrealism. But also in a world in twilight, dark and cold, as well as in science fiction. Strength and confidence. Peace and tranquility. A great quantity of melancholy. With a bit of a gloom, sadness, mystery, and fantasy. As a means of expressing her ideas and emotions, Jaqueline makes main use of the self-portrait and photomontages. Photomontages in which she creates disturbing, dreamy or futuristic worlds. Her photographic work can be easily recognized by her use of black and white, lights, contrasts and elements, such as the bird, which are repeated in a large number of her works.
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· Currrent Exhibition:
Síntesis Digital Lab - Permanent Collection
(Madrid) Spain
Collective Exhibition || November 2022 - Present

· last award received:
16th Annual International Color Awards
2023 - HONORABLE MENTION Award - All awards HERE

Last Published Interview
2023 - The Phoblographer (United States) - Interview HERE

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