Jaqueline Vanek: Gallery Represented Photographer, Visual Artist & Senior Visual UI/UX Designer.

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Jaqueline Vanek was born in Villach, Austria, and currently resides in Madrid, Spain. Her creative studies began in 2003 led to Sculpture as a Senior Technician in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. In 2005 she became involved into the magical world of Photography ending three years later as a Senior Technician in Fine Arts and Artistic Photography and with an MA Degree in Digital Fashion, Portrait and Advertising Photography. At the end of 2011, she began her studies in Design with a MA Degree in Graphic Design, Web Communication and Art Direction; specializing later in the field of UX and UI Design. Currently, in January 2021, she started to expand her knowledge by starting to study "Expert in Cultural Management - Direction and Management of Galleries and New Cultural Spaces".

Her photographic work is mainly focused on fine art photography with a sensual, dark but sophisticated self-portrait thematic; photomontage and landscape photography. Right now, she is represented in the USA by Aeon Gallery in Illinois.

She has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the IPA awards, "Annual International Photography Awards" in the category of "Professional Photographer, Portrait and Self-Portrait" with her project "EXPOSURE". Selected by David Clarke (Head of Photography at Tate), Amy Salzman (Senior Art Producer Saatchi & Saatchi NY), Paris Chong (Gallery Manager and Curator at Leica Gallery LA) y Collier Brown (Photography Critic, Harvard University), judged between a total of 13,000 participants from 120 countries around the world.

Also, in the 35 Awards (Russia) "Art Photography" Contest, according to the results of the main voting her project "THE ANCIENT SAGES" entered the TOP 1% best photos of the contest  from 15,372 submitted photographs, also, she as the author entered the TOP 2% best photographers. "HARMONY AGAINST INTERNAL WARS" entered the TOP 7% best photos of the "Horror Photography" Contest, and the as author into the TOP 5% best photographers of a total of 3,358 submitted photographs. "EXPOSURE" entered the TOP 12% best photos of the "Eyes Photography" Contest., and as the author into the TOP 13% best photographers of a total of 16,192 submitted photographs.

work published in...
L'affaire Magazine (United States), IKON Magazine (International Photo Magazine), ANVANE Magazine *On the Back Cover* (International Photo Magazine), Know Magazine (Mexico), Fashion As Art Magazine (United States), Dark Art & Craft (United States), Start In Art Magazine (International Photo Magazine), Comatose Magazine (International Photo Magazine), Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (Australia), Féroce Magazine (International Photo Magazine), The Only One Magazine (International Photo Magazine), Vertiqlè Magazine *On the Cover* (United Kingdom), HUNTER Magazine (International Photo Magazine), HORRID Magazine (United States), Roidx Magazine *On the Cover* (France), WHATever Magazine (France), ASC Fashion Magazine *On the Cover* (United States), VIGOUR Magazine (International Photo Magazine), Kaiser Magazine (Belgium), IPA Annual Book of Photography 2020, Philocaly Mag *On the Cover* (International Photo Magazine), Edith Magazine (International Photo Magazine), Opium Red Magazine (International Photo Magazine), The First Magazine (United States), F.R.W.L. Magazine (Russia), Magazín iLeGaLiT (Czechia), Kultur Magazine (International Photo Magazine), ND Magazine (International Photo Magazine), BEYONDall Magazine (International Photo Magazine), TSYM Magazine *On the Cover* (International Photo Magazine), Èrotiq Magazine (Australia), Iconic Artist Magazine *On the Cover* (Italy), Mob Journal Magazine (Canada), Art of Portrait Magazine (Russia), Imirage Magazine *On the Cover* (Canada), Faddy Magazine (Italy), Beauté Plus Magazine (Canada), Ultimate Trendy Magazine (United States), Elegant Magazine (United States), Femme Rebelle Magazine *On the Cover* (United Kingdom), Xpressions Magazine *On the Cover* (International Photo Magazine), Virtuosité Mag *On the Cover* (Belgium), Dodho (International Photo Magazine), Prime Mag *On the Cover* (United Kingdom), LTX Magazine (Italy), Lyun Magazine (United Kingdom), Moevir Magazine (France), New Heroes & Pioneers (Sweden), Vogue Italia (Online Version), Lysmåler Magazine (Spain), Citypulse (Chile), De Bezige Bij Editorial (Holland), Profifoto Magazine (Germany), Imser Siglo Editorial (Spain), Datacolor (Switzerland), Digitalfoto MC Ediciones (Spain), ORF Lange Nacht der Museen (Austria), Ko-e Magazine (Japan), 2bemag (Spain), Fart Magazine (Holland), Staf Magazine (Spain), Bak Magazine (Turkey), hacidMAG (Spain), Heels Magazine (Spain), TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (Spain), Tartarus Press (United Kingdom), Postmediabooks (Italy), Periódico La Provincia (Spain), Hitspaper (Japan), Kleine Zeitung (Austria), Periódico 20 Minutos (Spain), The Khooll (International Design & Lifestyle Magazine), Design Ideas.pics (International Design Magazine).

Sponsors that I have or have had:
Blackstyle (Latex Fashion Store in Berlin, Germany)
Libidex (Latex Fashion Store in London, United Kingdom)
Datacolor (The World Leader in Color Innovation)
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